Location is Everything

location is everything

Location is Everything

Location is everything – so goes the saying

Location is everything, and Fateh Limo Service is located right in the heart of the New York and Long Island area, able to serve you wherever you need to go, from airport to hotel, hotel to airport, from downtown NYC to the East Hamptons and anywhere else in the region.  location

As a luxury limousine service based in New York City, their location is part of their advantage.  From their NYC location, they are always striving to improve upon their current standing, by providing you with the very best in customer service while exceeding the expectations of all their clientele.

By having a NYC location, Fateh Limo Service is centralized and able to cover the entire New York and New Jersey area efficiently.  Wherever a ride is needed, whether it be from Long Island MacArthur Airport (Islip) or the Manhattan Financial District (FiDi), Fateh Limo Service’s central location ensures the car, limousine or SUV of your choice will be there when you need it. 

Metropolitan New York City is a vibrant and bustling area, filled with amazing people, sites and yes, traffic.  Getting around can be quite a challenge, especially if you fly in from another place and are unfamiliar with the area.  As one of the key crossroads of the world, NYC never sleeps.  The few times the roads are quiet often make headlines, as the phenomenon is so rare.

If you decide to rely on bus service or the subway system, you will be able to get around the city, itself, albeit always in the crush of the crowds.  Of course, there are some places you should probably avoid, especially at certain times of the day.  For that, you could call a taxi or one of the ride share outfits that have sprung up, but how long you will have to wait for one of those to show up really is anyone’s guess, and furthermore, you really don’t know what you’re going to get.

When you call one of those outfits, they might be coming from across town, right through the morning gridlock.

When you book a limousine service with a location like Fateh Limo Service, you get a luxury car where you want it, when you want it, and an experienced and courteous driver who will get you where you need to be, when you need to be there.

Location really is very important for a limousine service, and Fateh Limo Service has the location to serve you best.

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