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Oheka Castle Mansion

Oheka Castle Mansion, take a tour of a Long Island treasure

Oheka Castle Mansion in Cold Spring HillsHuntington, NY, is a Long Island Gold Coast treasure.  A tour of this beautiful historic mansion perched luxuriously on the highest point of Long Island is an absolute must.  

Oheka Mansion Castle

Oheka Castle Mansion, also known as Otto Kahn Estate, simply radiates the glorious refinement of a French chateau.  At the same time, this beautiful hotel with a truly American history offers world-class service to its guests as it has done since 1919.

Originally built by Otto Hermann Kahn, a financier and patron of the arts, this palatial country residence was designed by two of the most famous architects of the day, Delano and Aldrich.  No expense was spared to create the perfect setting for Kahn’s lavish parties.  With 127 rooms and 109,000 square feet, this is the second largest private home in the United States.

The estate also has a full 18-hole golf course, one of the largest private greenhouse complexes in the USA and a gorgeous formal French garden in front of the house, featuring paved walking areas, amid evergreen shrubs and pools, surrounded by a tall hedge.  When Mr. Kahn was alive, he hosted extravagant parties, often entertaining Hollywood movie stars, heads of state and even royalty.

Mr. Kahn passed away in 1934, and the estate changed hands several times over the years.  For more than thirty years, beginning in 1948, it was used as a military academy.  After the school was closed in the late 70s, there were more than 100 documented arson attempts, and Oheka Castle Mansion deteriorated to a terrible state of disrepair.

Thankfully, visionary Long Island developer, Mr. Gary Melius purchase Oheka Castle Mansion in 1984.  Under his careful eye, the largest private residential restoration project in the United States began to take shape.  So careful was he to restore the estate to its original glory, he even worked to recreate the the gardens from the original drawings.

By 1994, Mr. Melius was not able to raise sufficient funds to complete the extremely expensive project, and he sold the estate to Hideiki Yokoi.

In a strange twist, some ten years later, following a lawsuit, Mr. Melius once again became the owner of Oheka Castle Mansion and now operates it successfully as one of the most prestigious wedding and events venue in the United States.

Oheka Castle Mansion is now a member of the Historic Hotels of America®, which is the public face of the National Trust for Historic Preservation for recognizing the very best historic hotels of America.  Guests can now wine and dine in European luxury, relax with a fine book in the estate’s opulent library, enjoy in-room massages in the guestrooms, enjoy an after dinner stroll in the gardens, or enjoy a tour of this famous landmark.  Lavish parties are still offered in the style and decadence of the Roaring Twenties.

Oheka Castle Mansion offers guided tours throughout the year, by appointment only.  Tours have a 90 percent positive rating in guest reviews, which is quite exceptional.  Many sites don’t even receive reviews!

Of course, the best way to arrive for your stay, party or tour is by chauffeured limousine.  Why would you want it any other way?  Pamper yourself from start to finish with an Oheka Castle Tour on Long Island.


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