Long Island Dining

Where is the best place to eat on Long Island?
Long Island Dining

Long Island Dining

Long Island Dining – Where is the best place to eat on Long Island?

Long Island dining will be important to anyone visiting the area, even for a few hours, unless you’re on an extended fast.  No matter who you are, eventually that little rumbling in the tummy will turn your thoughts to where to eat. Long Island Dining

Where is the best place to eat on Long Island?  That is an excellent question, and there simply isn’t an answer.  It depends on your tastes and what kind of food you feel like enjoying.

Like Thai food?  Some say RAAN THAI in Smithstown, NY, in Suffolk County, on the North Shore of Long Island.  This little award-winning gem is located smack dab in the middle of, well… a strip mall.  The owner is a real Thai chef, straight from a little town just a bit south of Bangkok.

Hint:  If you have a hankering for Thai food by a real, award-winning Thai chef, call a Long Island black car service to get you there quickly, so you can enjoy your meal.  Why drive around looking, when you can sit back and relax.

But Thai food isn’t the only fantastic food on Long Island.  There are restaurants representing just about every cultural variety you can name, from Italian to Mongolian. Seriously, I kid you not. Uzbek, Bukharian, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Tajik and more – have you even heard of these?  You can try them all on Long Island, New York!

Name any kind of food on Long Island, and a chauffeur from a Long Island limo service will not only know where to find it, but where to find the best on Long Island.  There is no experience quite like calling or emailing ahead to a local Long Island, NY, limo service to find the best Long Island dining to suit your taste and to get you there comfortably, safely and on time for your reservation.

If you still want to find the number one spot for Long Island dining, the one outstanding restaurant that tops them all, you’re in for quite a big challenge.  USA Today tried to do just that.  What they came up with was not the number one restaurant for Long Island dining, but instead, the top ten in numerous categories.

So big was the task of trying to determine the best places for Long Island dining that USA Today created an entire website for the task.  I love what Kim Goodin said: “Trying to apply a solitary defining term to the Long Island restaurant scene is an exercise in mismanaged time. The wiser, more fulfilling move is taking the LI dining landscape for what is: competitive, perpetually in flux, and loaded with terrific, often surprising options at every turn. Indeed, from Elmont in Nassau County all the way out to Montauk, the affluent residents of (and visitors to) Long Island’s villages, hamlets and towns have no shortage of choices when the time to dine arrives.”

I find myself very much in agreement with Kim Goodin.  There is something for every taste, every day, and if your taste changes completely, every day, it is highly likely you will find something new and thrilling that will satisfy you completely.

Again, take advantage of the experience of a Long Island limousine company.  Their highly experienced, well trained and courteous chauffeurs know the area better than anyone.  Take advantage of their knowledge and let them get you to some of the best food you’ve ever eaten!

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