Glen Cover Mansion

a gorgeous home on Long Island, New York
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Glen Cove Mansion

Glen Cove Mansion – a gorgeous home on Long Island, New York

Glen Cove Mansion, otherwise known as The Manor, has been designated one of the Best Twelve Country Houses in America.  This stately Gold Coast era mansion has been described as one the most impressive historic mansions to visit on Long Island.  Long Island’s North Shore was long a very popular location for the wealthy New Yorkers to build their country estates.

Glen Cover Mansion

The house, which was first known as The Manor, was build on the 55 acre estate of John Teele and Ruth S. (Baker) Pratt  in 1910, at Glen Cove, New York, situated along Hempstead Harbor and Long Island Sound. John T. Pratt was an oil executive, the son of Charles Pratt, founder of the company that eventually became Standard Oil.  Ruth Baker Pratt, his wife, became the first woman to represent New York City as an Alderman, as well as the first woman in New York State elected to Congress.

Mrs. Pratt died in the home in 1965.  Paranormal enthusiasts and some of the staff claim that hers and other ghosts still roam the mansion, changing channels, opening and closing doors, and spooking various employees.  Of course, a good ghost story always makes an historic home more interesting!

This massive, 3 story brick Georgian mansion, designed by the noted architect, Charles Adams Platt, featured sweeping vistas and pastoral surroundings, in keeping with many of the prestigious estates of the era.  Now an opulent hotel for the most discerning visitors, it features 187 guest rooms, including four suites, several private dining rooms, and outdoor reception areas, each with an expansive view of the mansion’s formal gardens.

The hotel features nearly 30,000 square feet of meeting and banquet space, including 27 dedicated conference rooms. Just 30 minutes from NYC, JFK International Airport and LaGuardia Airport, it’s just a short (and very comfortable) ride by chauffeured Long Island limo service from almost anywhere in the area.

With both indoor and outdoor pools, tennis courts, a bowling alley, yoga classes and many other services, it’s the perfect destination for discerning travelers to unwind with their guests, or to host an important business meeting that will definitely impress international clients.

Glen Cove Mansion is worth the trip, just to see it and imagine what life must have been like at the time it was built.  With manicured lawns, fabulous gardens and amazing views over Hempstead Bay and Long Island Sound, it seeps with the romance and intrigue of international visitors, royalty and perhaps, spies, from the heydays of the Gold Coast in the “Roaring Twenties.”

What is the best way to see and experience Glen Cove Mansion?  Book well ahead and to get a nice room right in the mansion.  Then book a Long Island Limo Service to get you there in the comfort and style of the Gold Coast days.  Experience the feeling of being chauffeured right to the fabulous entrance where the friendly staff of Glen Cove Mansion are waiting to welcome you like they once welcomed the Pratt family!

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