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Riboli Center for Art and History

Reboli Center for Art and History

Reboli Center for Art and History – one of the most visited destinations on Long Island, NY

Reboli Center for Art and History is in Stony Brook, Long Island, New York.  Reboli Center is one of the most visited destinations on Long Island, NY.  This center was opened to “preserve, promote, support and advance the legacy of the artist and painter, Joseph Reboli,” as well as to promote the area as a destination for Long Island art and history.  Integral to this endeavor was the preservation of the landmark building as its headquarters, the last remaining building of the old commercial district.Riboli Center for Art and History

In fact, Reboli Center for Art and History is one of the most recommended by travel agencies and airlines as an important place to visit on Long Island.

What began its life in 1911 as the Bank of Suffolk County has become a unique and very popular center for art and history.

The historic brick edifice in the center of the village of Stony Brook was built on the banks of Stony Brook Creek, overlooking the scenic Stony Brook Harbor.  This is the only commercial building still standing in its original location within the village.  Over the course of its long life, it has developed many historic ties to the Reboli family.  It was only natural that it would eventually be chosen as the place of choice to feature the word of famed artist, Joseph Reboli, who died in 2004.

Not only has the Reboli Center proven to be a wonderful and popular venue for displaying the artist’s work, but it provides many cultural and historical programs for young and old, alike.  Visitors learn about the artist’s wonderful work, as well as his relationship to the Three Village area.  The Three Village community consists of Setauket, Stony Brook, and the incorporated village of Old Field in Suffolk County.

Even more, the Center also presents the work of other contemporary artists and craftsmen, Long Island historical exhibits and programs promoting the further study of classical painting and drawing on Long Island, NY.

Reboli Center for Art and History is located at 64 Main Street, Stony Brook, New York.  This is just under 50 miles from either John F. Kennedy International Airport or La Guardia Airport via Southern State Parkway or Northern State Parkway or just over 50 miles via Northern State Parkway and North Country Road.

The best way to get there at any time of the day is by booking an airport car service or Long Island limo service.  Airport car services, black car services and limousine services from the Long Island area know the best routes to take at any given time of day, and will ensure a comfortable, safe and completely stress-free trip to your destination on beautiful Stony Brook Harbor, a favorite stop for photographers and birders.

The Reboli Center for Art and History has received many recommendations by travel agencies, as well as the happy travelers who have followed their advice.  Pair this good advice with a great limo service to get you there, and you have a winning holiday getaway!


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